Specification of weighing multiplication factors for stress components (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table SWEIGH weighing multiplication factors for each type of stress component can be specified.

For instance it can be distinguished between stress components uniformly distributed and with a gradient over the wall thickness, both in longitudinal and in circumferential direction.

If materials have different factors for axial and tangential directions (such as nodular cast iron or PE) then the following should be applied:
The axial factor should be used for SXUB1, SXUBH, SXIOSH and SXIORA,
the tangential factor should be used for SFIOSH and SFIORA, all other factors should be set to 1.

The stress components with a gradient over the wall thickness may be of less importance than the uniformly distributed components due to a possible redistribution of stresses in case of yielding. Specified weighing factors are valid for all elements from the specified element in a row up to the element specified in the next table row.

If this table has not been provided, all weighing multiplication factors are assumed to be 1. The stress weighing factors per element are reported in output data table CSWEIGH.

The weighing multiplication factors are used for equivalent, principal and uniaxial stress calculation only, so for the output data tables CSTRMAX and CSTRESS. All other stress tables remain unaffected.

To unlock and possibly change/destroy SWEIGH, Design Function 6.2 must be restarted adding new results to the output tables or set back destroying all output tables of Design Function 6.2.

H620122, last changed: 2009-07-16

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