Maximum stresses over the circumference according to Mohr, Tresca, Von Mises, and uniaxial stresses (Output Table)

Table description:

The output table CSTRMAX provides a list of maximum stresses over the circumference of the cross-sections where calculations have been performed, according to criteria of Mohr, Tresca and Von Mises, and maximum uniaxial stresses, as well as hoop stresses.

The stresses are the result of the summation of stress components resulting from the overall behaviour of the pipeline and the ring behaviour of the cross-section, taking into account the stress weighing factors if provided.

The stresses provided are the maximum (tensile or compressive) values over 48 points over the circumference of the cross-section (both at inner and outer wall face).

Detailed stress data of the last data line of the table are contained in the additional output table CSTRESS.

The table acts in an accumulative way if the unlock option is used. See PSTRMAX.

The loadcase name and a possible phase number are shown in the table heading. The same applies for the indication whether or not weighing multiplication factors for stress components have been used for the stress calculations and ovalisation redistribution has been applied.

H620562, last changed: 2009-01-15

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