6.2. Cross-Section Behaviour {General, Material Linear} [CALSECT]

Perform cross-section calculations

General description:

Through this design function deformations and stresses are calculated in specified cross-sections of the pipeline. Cross-sections are located at the mid-sections of elements.

Function description:

The function calculates the deformations and stresses in specified cross-sections and max/min results are stored in the output data tables. One data line per cross-section specified. Detailed data over the circumference of the cross-section are contained in the 'Additional output'-tables. These tables only contain results of the last cross-section calculated. At the start of a new cross-section the 'Additional output'-tables are cleared and during the calculations on the new cross-section filled with the detailed data of that new section.

If detailed data are required from each cross-section to be analysed, it is advised to perform this sub-function separately for each cross-section using the 'unlock'-functionality of this sub-function.

Overall results of previous calculations are accumulated in the output data tables of this sub-function until this function is set back. In that case all output data tables are cleared.

Additional output data tables:

The additional output data tables are filled with detailed deformation and stress data concerning a mid-section of an element.

Through these additional output data tables, detailed information on the behaviour of a cross-section can be obtained.

As the number of detailed data on a cross-section is quite substantial the detailed data per cross-section is not stored in the database. Results of calculations on a new cross-section overwrite the results of previous calculations. Hence, if a list of cross-sections has to be calculated, only the detailed data of the last cross-section will be available through the additional output data tables.

In case the designer wants to have available all detailed data per cross-section, the function can be performed with one cross-section at the time.

Unlock facility:

The unlock-facility (see also the overview panel help screen) enables to restart the calculation process from the last  element calculation performed. This may among other things be required if several cross- sections have to be analysed.

Because after unlocking, the input tables of design function 6.2 are open to modification, the SECTION table can be modified, influencing which cross-section to calculate (next). This enables to make a series of calculations on totally different parts of the pipeline.

H6203, last changed: 11/4/2020

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