Specification of cross-sections to be calculated (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table SECTION a list of cross- sections is specified, where stress calculations have to be performed.

At each section it is to be specified if the TOPLOAD has to be taken into account. Moreover, an allowable stress level may be specified for each section which is stored in the output table CSGEN as well.

Info If detailed stress results are required using the additional output data tables, only one-cross section at the time shall be specified. For each new cross-section these detailed output tables are overwritten. Each time this function is performed by means of the unlock facility the results of calculations on the cross-sections specified in this table are added to the output data tables of this function. If table SECTION contains a cross-section specification the results of which being already stored in the output data tables, calculation of this cross-section will not be done. However, the last cross-section specified in table SECTION will al-ways be calculated in view of the possibility to obtain detailed stress results, unless this cross-section is identical with the last calculated cross-section.

H620112, last changed: 2009-01-15

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Design Function 6.2