Specification of main current data (Input Table)

Table description:

Through input table CURRENT main current data are specified, namely direction and type of vertical profile.

The vertical profile can be provided in two ways:

1. as an exponential function of the expression: v=vs(z/d)**(1/n) where
 v = current velocity at depth z
 vs = current velocity at still water surface
 d = water depth
 z = z-coordinate ( z of sea bed = 0) = global Z minus G-LEVEL
 n = order of parabola (common value = 7)

2. by a set of current profile values over the still water depth to be specified in table CURPROF.

The current values at the mid points of the pipeline elements are determined by linear interpolation from the specified nearest current profile values.

In case of waves the current values provided are modified proportionally by the program according to the continuity condition resulting in lower current velocities under the wave crest and higher velocities under the wave trough.




H410132, last changed: 2009-07-16

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