Specification of ground level along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table G-LEVEL the ground levels along the pipeline axis are provided to the configuration model. The ground levels are provided as a polygon data line projected on one of the available coordinate axes. See toggling data tables about changing the column defining where on the pipeline the subsequent data is to be applied. The value of the ground level is attached to each pipeline node by relating the coordinate of the node to the polygon data line and interpolating the specified level values at the adjacent data reference points.

Coordinates of successive data table lines shall have increasing values. The elaborated depth values (ground levels minus pipeline axis levels) are interpreted as 'mean' values. These values are altered by means of the uncertainty value UNCV resulting in an upper value DEPTH+UNCV and a lower value DEPTH-UNCV. In case a stochastic analysis is being made, the UNCV values are interpreted as standard deviations.

When the pipeline crosses the ground level an ident is automatically added to ease the assignment of soil values.

Warning Basically, the data from table G-LEVEL is not used in the calculations (see Usage of G-LEVEL and W-LEVEL).


H200132 (last modified: February 5, 2021)

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