Specification of main current data (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Current direction

≥ 0. and 360.

(Current direction is the positive angle in the horizontal global X-Y plane measured from the positive X-axis to the positive Y-axis)


Type of current profile in vertical plane

Prescribed names: Parabola, CURPROF-table

[Default: Parabola]

(Parabola: Current profile is an exponential function with an exponent = 1/ORDER
CURPROF-table: Current profile is given by a set of current values over the water depth (provided in table CURPROF))


Order of parabola function or profile no. in table CURPROF

> 0 / Required

[Default: 7] in case of Parabola profile

Warning If the CURRENT value in table ENVLOAD is Yes and CURPROF is selected in column PROFILE the maximum order is 6, otherwise E41-001 will be reported.


Still water surface velocity of current

> 0. / Undefined

(Only applicable for Parabola profile.)

H410131, last changed: 3/31/2021

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