Specification of table support properties (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table TFSPRS (Table Friction SPRing Specification) support sets can be specified under a reference name TFREF (Table Friction REFerence name). Reference to these support sets is made in the input data table SUPPORT in Design Function 2.0.

The support is a table support with friction in the horizontal plane (X-Y). For vertical displacements downward (U-Z < 0.) a spring constant has to be specified, vertical displacements upward (U-Z > 0.) can occur freely.

The friction data are specified in the overall X-Y coordinate system (GLOBAL) or in the local x-y coordinate system (LOCAL) projected on the horizontal plane (x'-y'). Specification of the coordinate system to be applied is done in the input data table SUPPORT.

The horizontal friction spring model can be 'discrete' (fixed springs in X and Y direction only) or ellipse-shaped (one spring value in displacement direction according to ellipse through specified X and Y values).

Specification of the support angle to be applied is done in the input data table SUPPORT.



H330142, last changed: 2008-07-22

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