3.3. Model Boundary [GENCOND]

Compose model boundary conditions

General description:

Through this function the mechanical properties of the end conditions of the pipeline, intermediate external supports and construction joints are specified and elaborated for further processing.

Function description:

The end conditions of the pipeline structure (connection of the part of the pipeline considered in the analysis to the connecting pipeline(s) or other structure(s)) are specified at the related points of the pipeline configuration considered. During the composition of the structural model of the pipeline the structural behaviour of these end conditions is introduced in the structural model. If a half infinite long pipeline is to be connected at one of the boundary nodes, the soil parameters KLS and RVS at that node shall have non-zero values.

The mechanical properties of intermediate, external supports, specified in the input data tables, are attached to the related pipeline nodes.

Both linear elastic supports and non-linear table supports with friction can be included in the structural model.

The joint properties specified in tables JOINTS and JNTSPRS are assigned to the joint elements specified and generated in design function 2.

Pipe branch connections specified in design function 2 are elaborated for further processing and reported in table CONDI.

H3303, last changed: 11/4/2020

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