Specification of location of external supports along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Groups of spring supports having the same spring characteristics can be specified. Two types of elastic spring supports are available:

1) Point supports without length and support angle, which are assigned to the nodes at the specified locations. The supports are assumed to act at the pipeline axis resulting in shear forces in the pipeline, but causing no ovalisation of the pipe cross-section.

2) Element supports with length and support angle. Each support is modelled as two elements with length equal to half the specified support length. The specified location of the support is assigned to the node between these two elements.

The coordinate system to be applied is specified under COSYS (COordinate SYStem). It is important to be aware that in case of LOCAL spring supports and geometrically NON-linear calculations the orientation of the spring supports may change during the iterations due to displacements and rotations of the pipeline at the spot.

The sets of external supports referenced by name are specified in one of the input data tables ELSPRS and TFSPRS.

The boundary nodes of the pipeline, if not defined as FIXED in table ENDPTS, can be supported through point supports as well.  

In case the table SUPPORT has been filled, one of the tables ELSPRS and TFSPRS must exist as well.

H200202, last changed: 2008-07-21

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