Specification of loading combination to be taken into account in pipeline calculations   (B31.8 or Belgian Law) (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table LOADSET combinations of the loading components PRESS, T-DIF, DEADW, SETL, NODAL and WAVC as specified under Design Function 4.2 are composed by means of LOAD FACTORS. If elastic bends are specified in Design Function 2, the load factor ELBND must be greater than zero. Without elastic bends this load factor should be zero. ¹

A loading combination consists of the specified load components, each multi-plied by it's specific load factor. The loading combination made through LOADSET will be used for the calculations to be performed in this function. Two types of loading combination are available for the Belgian Law: Operational, Water test. For ASME B31.8 only Operational is available. The allowable stresses according to the stress criteria from ASME B31.8 or the Belgian Law for gas pipelines only are determined by the program based on this loading type and the specified yield stress.

The loading combination is identified by a name IDENT, to be specified by the designer. This name will appear in the heading of the output tables of this and next functions.


¹ Calculation of elastic bends is possible with the geometrically non-linear modules only.



H500102, last changed: 2009-01-19

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