Specification of current profile(s) over water depth (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Global z-coordinate

Values must decrease

(First Z-value must be W-LEVEL else a function error occurs. The last Z-value need not to be G-LEVEL: If above G-LEVEL, the current is kept constant from last Z-value to G-LEVEL, if below G-LEVEL the Z-value at G-LEVEL is determined by linear interpolation.)

Note: W-LEVEL and G-LEVEL are the calculated average values if not constant along the pipeline (elements) in water!


Current value for first profile


Current value for second profile


Current value for third profile


Current value for fourth profile


Current value for fifth profile


Current value for sixth profile

At least one column must be completely filled

(The profile in the column referred to in table CURRENT will be used in the calculations.)

H410141, last changed: 2007-07-30

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