When the pipeline crosses the ground level or the water level (from tables G-LEVEL or W-LEVEL) an ident is automatically added. The ident names are defined as 'g-lvl n' or 'w-lvl n' where the number 'n' ranges from 1 to 999. For both the ground and water level crossings the same rules apply:

When an ident name is already user defined a next number 'n' will be used.

When a user defined ident is already present on that same node position no automatic ident will be generated.

The node above the crossing will get the ident.


These additional idents are specifically meant for the generation of the soil parameters (using the Soil wizard).





Because node soil values are interpolated between the various idents the following situations apply:

1.The exactly correct soil values follow the black dashed line from C to E.

2.Without any additional idents the soil values would follow the red dashed line from A to E.

3.When node D would be 'g-lvl 1' the red line from A to D would be the soil values, so from A to C soil values would be assigned to the nodes in between, whereas there is no soil present.

4.When node B would be 'g-lvl 1' the green line from B to E would be the soil values, and just from B to C there are soil values without actual soil being present.

The latter one (4.) is closest to the actual soil values.


H20013, last changed: 11/10/2020