Basically, the data from tables G-LEVEL and W-LEVEL are not used in the calculations. This is historically grown because earlier versions of the program were not in need of these data. Over the years however this need grew, and both tables were introduced.

The tables are currently only used for the following functionalities:

Deadweight assignment or calculation: when a pipe part is under water level the buoyancy is taken into account.

DF 3.1

The soil wizard: different ground covers and water levels determine the various soil parameters.

DF 3.2

The wave/current module uses the levels to determine whether a pipe part is under water.

DF 4.1

During the iteration process it is checked if a pipe part is above or under water, taking buoyancy into account or not.

DF 5.0

Showing the ground profile and water level(s) in graphs and visualisation may make results easier to interpret.



It is important to realise that when the soil wizard is not used, the program will not notice pipeline parts above G-LEVEL and will not adapt soil values at those parts. The values entered in the different soil tables (DF 3.2) will be used as is.


H20014 (last modified: February 5, 2021)