A Multi Graph Definition contains graphs, added by the user, using data from various tables in Ple4Win. It is possible to create, copy, rename and even delete Multi Graph Definitions. Modifying individual graph data within a definition is also allowed (update, change or group the graphs) prior to showing them. This process can be done in the Multi Graph Definition panel. This panel is also used to select the graphs to be shown in the (next) Multi Graph Drawing panel.

There are 2 different ways to activate this panel:

Select from menu Tools > TmainMGraph Multi Graph

Multi Graphs Show Button On Menu


Click on the 'Show Multi Graph' TmainMGraph button on the main toolbar

Multi Graphs Show Button On Toolbar

The Multi Graph Definition panel will appear in the place of the Overview panel.

Multi Graph Definition


To switch between the Multi Graph Definitions, either select the desired one from the drop-down box, or type the name of the definition directly into the drop-down box and click on Enter. The selected definition will be used when adding Multi Graph data.

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