This tool facilitates the user to create and manipulate graph(s) using data columns from multiple tables. Using the Multi Graph Definition, users can create multiple graphs that suit their specific needs.

User is allowed to modify the Multi Graph Definitions, that means to create new definitions, to copy, rename and also delete existing definitions. It is also possible for the user to update, change or group graphs within a Multi Graph Definition.

To activate this tool, click on the 'Multi Graph' TmainMGraph button on the Ple4Win main toolbar.

Multi Graphs Show Button On Toolbar

The Multi Graph Definition panel will then appear in the place of the Overview panel (a screenshot of this panel is shown below).

Multi Graphs Definition Empty

At this moment, no data has been added to the Multi Graph Definition. This can be led from the empty 'Curves Data' table. A default Multi Graph Definition is automatically created by Ple4Win and is called 'Default'. Multi Graph Definition is actually a collection of graphs using data from various tables in Ple4Win.

Warning The default Multi Graph Definition 'Default' cannot be deleted.

Multi Graph is also handy to compare (results) data. For instance, to compare the calculation results of a pipeline with and without internal pressure. Data of pipeline without internal pressure could be stored in the current active project (primary database) while data of the pressurised pipeline are stored in the secondary database.

The resulted graph will be shown in the Workspace panel.

Click to expand/collapse        How to add graph data to Multi Graph Definition

Click to expand/collapse        How to add graph data from Secondary database to Multi Graph Definition

Last changed: 11/4/2020

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