(This setting is not available in Import mode)

A list with all tables selected in tab Selection, possibly with its individual options set in the tab Options, is shown in this tab Layout. Notice the  items in the list. Design functions are not available anymore in this step.

Multi Table Print 3


Notice the third icon (Page New) next to table name. This icon is shown if the option 'Print table(s) on new page' of a table is set to true (checked).

Print table(s) on new page

(This setting is only available in Print mode)

Default setting of this option is false (uncheck). This means that table printing is done continuously (on the same page), but only if the remaining number of lines at the page is sufficient to print the table, else printing is started on a new page.

Table Output Sequence

The following standard printing sequences are available:

Design Function, Type of table (default)

tables will be printed in sequence of the design function (DF) then the type of table order.
(DF1 input, DF1 output, DF2 input, DF2 output, ...., DFn input, DFn output, special tables)

Type of table, Design Function

tables will be printed in sequence of type of table then the design function order
(DF1 input, DF2 input, ..., DFn input, DF1 output, DF2 output, ..., DFn output, special tables)

Custom order

Click on the Up or Down button to set the print order, respectively higher or lower.


Info Use Ctrl and click to select multiple tables, randomly; Hold down the Ctrl key and click on one or more tables.

Info Use Shift and click to select a range of tables; Click once on a table to set the start of the selection. Hold down the Shift key. Then click again on another table to set the end of the selection. Tables between the first click and the second click will be selected.

If button Up or Down has been clicked, sequence option 'Custom order' will be selected automatically.

Last changed: 11/4/2020