This Multi Table functionality will give the users the ability to print multiple data tables from Ple4Win. A selection of data rows, the print order and the print layout of each individual table can also be specified.

There are 2 different ways to activate this functionality:

Select from menu File > Print > Tables...

Print Tables Button On File


Click on (the arrow next to) the 'Multi Table' Tools.MTable.16x16 button and select Export Print 16 'Print...'

Multi Table Button On Toolbar Print

'Multi Table: Print' screen will be opened. This functionality consists of 3 steps. However, it is not necessary to go through all the steps. The first step is sufficient to print multiple tables. Default settings will be used for the remaining steps.

Click to expand/collapseStep 1: Select the table(s) to be printed
Click to expand/collapseStep 2: Specify which data row(s) to be printed
Click to expand/collapseStep 3: Set the print sequence

Last changed: 11/4/2020