The Messages panel is used by the internal calculation engine to display all kinds of information.

It is the main source of feedback to the user during testing of data tables and calculation of design functions.

If closed or hidden, you can show the Messages panel by choosing View > Other panels > Messages.

Below are screen captures of the default (compact) Messages panel and the expanded view. For information on a labeled feature, see the list underneath.


Messages panel features:

Close Messages panel

Closes the Messages panel completely.

Pin/unpin Messages panel

Hides the Messages panel at the bottom side. If unpinned, the panel itself is invisible, but a "Messages"-tab is visible at the edge of the program window.

Move your cursor over the tab to access the panel. The panel slides back into view and is ready for use. When it loses focus, it automatically slides back to its tab on the edge of the program window.

Show compact/expanded layout

With the check mark cleared (default), a compact layout is displayed. It shows all messages of the calculation engine in a single line. If the check mark is set, each type of message is shown in its own line.

Show list of recent messages

Clicking this icon displays a drop down-list with the last 10 messages shown on that line. The list(s) are updated independently of which layout is shown or whether the panel is visible or not.

Messages, last changed: 2/22/2021

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