The Ple4Win window is divided into four main areas (panels): the Roadmap panel, the Overview panel, the Workspace  panel and the Messages panel. Furthermore, just like all other Windows applications, Ple4Win is equipped with Window Title bar and Status bar.


The Roadmap

The Roadmap panel is the main navigation and information panel during the design process of a pipeline.

The Overview panel

The overview panel is mainly used to show a list of all data tables belonging to a specific design function.

The Workspace panel

This area is used to display data tables, single-table graphs, multi graph drawings and pipeline drawings.

The Messages panel

This panel is used to display all kinds of information by the internal calculation engine.

The Window Title bar

The window title bar shows the program name and the name of the project database currently in use (if any) at the top of the application window. Below this title bar the Ple4Win menus and toolbars are located.

The Status bar

The Status bar at the bottom of the main Ple4Win window is used to show program status data and allows access to "special tables" of a pipeline project.

The Roadmap Legend

The Roadmap legend panel is an informational panel showing the icons and colours used in the Roadmap panel. Default, this panel is hidden.

MainScreen (last modified: November 4, 2020)