The Roadmap panel is the main navigation and information panel during the design process of a pipeline. It is used to select the currently active design function, shows the status of the pipeline design project, offers processing capabilities and allows access to general program features.

If the Roadmap panel is closed or hidden, you can show the Roadmap panel by

clicking the Roadmap Roadmap.Icon button on the main toolbar, or

select it from menu View > Roadmap

A screen capture of the Roadmap is shown below.


Pipeline project features


Design function

Clicking a design function changes the Overview panel. It then shows an overview of all tables associated with that specific design function.

Design function status

The colours of the icon show the status of the design function (top-left half) and a summary of the table status of that design function (lower-right half). See the Legend panel for more information on the colour coding.

Clicking on the status icon will also change the Overview panel, as described above.

Design function being calculated

If a single design function is calculated or a project is processed, the design function currently being calculated is marked.

Active design function

The design function currently shown in the Overview panel is marked.

Setback design function

Clicking a setback-icon will reset all calculations from this point on, after confirmation. Once reset, the results of a design function are no longer available. See the Overview panel for more information.

Note that setting back design functions does not change the active design function.



Process all design functions

Clicking the process-button will start calculation of all design functions not already processed. Design functions will be calculated in sequence until all functions are processed successfully, errors occur during the calculations or not all required data is present in a design function.

During processing, the button image will change to Roadmap.Stop and allow a user abort of the running calculations.

Program features


Show program information panel

Clicking this button changes the Overview panel to show the program information panel to allow access to general program settings, information about the program and the help file.

Show status legend

Clicking this button shows the Legend panel. It gives information on the colours and icons used in the roadmap.

Save & exit

Clicking this button will, after confirmation, save the current pipeline project data to its database files and end the program.

Roadmap, last changed: 11/4/2020

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