List of displacements in joints (Output Table)

Data description/Result options:


Number of joint element


Effect after translation and rotation

(Options: - LEAK : displacement greater than available clearance for joint without stop - STOP : displacement = available clearance, pipe end against existing stop, and/or rotation = MaxRot - Undef: displacement less than available clearance)


Displacement in joint in axial direction 1

(Inward displacement is negative, outward displacement is positive.)
(For a definition of the local X-axis see Direction of local X-axes for joints )


Displacement in joint in lateral direction

(Should be zero for the available joint types in table JOINTS.)


Rotation difference around pipe axis between adjoining pipes


Rotation difference in lateral direction between adjoining pipes


Angle between plane of total lateral rotation in the joint and the horizontal plane


1 The displacement concerns the (over the pipe circumference) uniformly distributed axial displacement. In common the total displacement will be greater due to the contribution of the rotation.

Info The number of rows is the number of existing joints.

H500651, last changed: 2007-07-30

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