Specification of geometrically non-linear iteration control parameters (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Maximum number of geometry iterations to be used in analysis

> 0

[Default: 150]

(If MAXGIT is different from MAXSIT in table SOILCTL, the higher value is taken as the maximum number of iterations to perform)


Rate of relative disequilibrium of overall pipeline

> 0 and < 0.05

[Default: 1.E-5]


Rate of absolute disequilibrium of overall pipeline

> 0 and < 0.01

[Default: 1.E-7]


Maximum allowed rotation increment per iteration

> 0 and < 1

[Default: 0.1 rad]

(Default values of RELDISEQ and ABSDISEQ are to be used when the stability may become critical (e.g. in case of upheaval buckling). In other cases the values 1.E-3/1.E-5 may be sufficient, but it is recommended to apply the default values. See also ITMON description.)


Switch redistribution ovalisation on/off

[Default: Off]

Info The status of the check box is reported in the headline of table DEFORM and beyond the 'Section model' in the STATUS table.

(See Table description)

Info Max/Min: 1/1 rows


H500131 (last modified: November 4, 2020)

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