Specification of Program status summary (Special Table)

Table description:

The STATUS table provides an overview of the functions processed so far, its relevant occurrence numbers and the input data tables with occurrence number.


When a function has been processed, the result data tables always get the same occurrence number as the function itself. Through the STATUS table the connection is recorded between output data tables and the corresponding input data tables. Moreover the following important program (key) settings are reported:

current program version number, customer license number and available modules

analysis type (equivalent stress)

project phase and project's parent

secondary project

model option settings

equivalent stress calculation method in case of NEN3650 stress checking

existence and content summary of Notices table

status and occurrence of non-empty design functions (except design function 1)

per design function the status, occurrence and last modified date of its tables (if applicable)


Info In case in table GEOMCTL the REDISOVL check box is ticked off, it is reported after the 'Section model' of the model options as 'Ovalising, Redistribution On'

The STATUS table can be shown through either the main toolbar or through clicking the status-icon Status.Icon on the status bar.

Info The contents of this table is never stored, the information shown is calculated "on the fly" when the table is displayed.

H000512, last changed: 4/1/2021

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