Specification of soil subsidences with predefined shape (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:

Identifier: (toggleable)

Identification name of data reference point



Maximum value of subsidence in z-direction

≠ 0. / Required


(For downward subsidence this value must be negative.)


Uncertainty factor for subsidence ¹

≥ 1.

[Default: 1.5]


Length over which subsidence varies from zero to maximum value by half of sine wave cycle / length of block subsidence

> 0.


Type of sine wave

Prescribed names: Double / Left / Right / Block

(Double: Half of sine wave length at both sides of X-P
Left: Half of sine wave length before X-P, zero after X-P
Right: Half of sine wave length after X-P, zero before X-P
In all cases the maximum value of twice the sine amplitude occurs at X-P.
Block: Block shaped subsidence with jump from zero to SUBZMAX at X-P, constant value between X-P and X-P + LENGTH, and a jump back to zero at X-P + LENGTH.)



¹ SUBZMAX is always multiplied by UNCF.



H420201, last changed: 2009-07-28

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