Specification of weight of pipe in air (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table AIRWGHT the weight of the pipeline in air is specified. The data from this table are used only for the determination of the dynamic amplification factors. So, if table DYNAMPL not exists, filling of table AIRWGHT is useless.

When table DYNAMPL exists and table AIRWGHT does not, the weight data of table DEADW from Design Function 3.1 are applied. It is assumed that the weight in DEADW includes the buoyant force for submerged pipe sections, hence the weight is increased by the buoyant force to obtain the weight in air.

However, if the weight specified in table DEADW does not include the buoyant force and dynamic amplification of wave/current forces is to be taken into account, the pipe weight in air should be specified in table AIRWGHT.



H410202, last changed: 2008-07-22

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