Specification of shape of displacement/soil reaction curve (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table SLCURVE the displacement/ soil reaction curve is specified. If a SLACK space has been specified as well, the origin of the curve is shifted over the SLACK distance in that direction.

The input table is optional, which means that the generally applied bilinear curve is the default curve. If the table is provided, the areas over which no curve has been specified are provided with the default curve.

If a curve other than the BILIN curve has been specified, the end of the specified range is obtained by specification of a BILIN curve.

If the relative pipe/soil displacement = u and u0 = R(max)/k then in case of:


R = u*k for u u0 and R = R(max) for u u0

(R = R(max) for u=u0)


R = tanh(u/u0)*R(max)

(R =.762R(max) for u=u0)


(u/u0)/(u/u0+1) *R(max)

(R =.5 R(max) for u=u0)


H320212, last changed: 2009-07-28

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