Specification of soil displacement in x-direction along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table SETX mean soil displacements of the soil around the pipeline in X-direction are provided to the loading model to be multiplied by the uncertainty factor UNCF.

The X-soil displacement is provided as a polygon data line projected on one of the available coordinate axes by means of reference points.

The value of the soil displacement parameter is attached to each pipeline node by relating the coordinate of the node to the polygon data line and interpolating the parameter values at the adjacent reference points.

Coordinates of successive data table lines shall be increasing.

Soil displacements are to be specified as they occur at the level of the pipeline axis.

Soil displacements at a specified half infinite long pipeline end condition are interpreted in such a way, that such end points are loaded by a load system causing displacements at the end node equal to the specified soil displacements. These displacements do not cause stressing of the connected pipeline. The connected pipelines are assumed to have equal soil displacements to the point of connection and to be constant over the half infinite length.

Soil displacements equal over the whole pipeline axis do not cause stressing of the pipeline.



H420142, last changed: 2009-07-16

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