Specification of conditions at boundary points (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:


Specified boundary point

Must be unique and from the list of existing idents specified in tables ORIGIN, POLYDIF and ADIDENT


Indication of condition at boundary point/node

Prescribed names: Infinite / Fixed / Free

[Default: Infinite]

(Infinite: a half infinite long pipe is connected to the boundary node. All properties applying to the connected pipe element apply to the half infinite long pipe as well. There must be soil at that boundary node. Fixed: The boundary node is supported rigidly in its six degrees of freedom. Free: The boundary node is free in its six degrees of freedom.)


Indication of pipe status at boundary point/node

Prescribed names Open / Closed

[Default: Open]

(Open: an imaginary valve at the boundary node is open.
Closed: an imaginary valve at the boundary node is closed, and in the connected pipe there is no pressure or temperature influence. Also see endpoint status.)

Warning The 'no pressure, no temperature' influence of a closed valve only counts for a connected infinite pipeline. In case the endpoint is fixed or free and there is a weak element to a branch the current pressure and temperature also counts for the branch.

Page 3.16e

H330111, last changed: 11/4/2020

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