Compose soil data model


Function ready condition: All '(C)onditional'-input tables tested or empty. The start condition of the function is the function ready condition, because all tables may remain empty. As soon as one of the tables contains data the function condition changes to the DATA condition, and all 'C' tables shall contain data. In case of NO SOIL (empty tables) the function must be processed as well and will get the LOCKED status. Result data tables will not be produced in that case.


Function error condition: 4 error conditions, 9 warning conditions, 4 messages



Soil model inconsistent

At any node the lateral soil parameter KLS = 0. and at that node one of the other soil parameters unequals 0.

output tables with such a parameter value = 0. will be questioned (with related parameter value = 0. will be indicated [Error!])

output tables with related parameter values will be questioned

other output tables will be produced.


Slack areas overlap

SLACK areas overlap.

output tables will be questioned with overlapping slack values indicated [Error!].


No soil at infin boundary condition

At a boundary node a half infinite long pipeline has been connected (INFIN in input data table ENDPTS) and all soil parameter values are 0. (no soil) at that boundary node.

output table LATSOIL will become questioned, with the parameter KLS indicated [Error!]

at the boundary node(s)

output table AXSOIL will not be produced


Unstable pipeline data model

At all boundary nodes a FREE end condition has been specified, and no external supports and no soil are present.

output tables will be empty and questioned.







Extreme klh/(klt,kls) ratio

Ratio KLH/KLT or KLH/KLS not between 1:20 and 20:1.¹


Extreme rh/(rvt,rvs) ratio

Ratio RH/RVT or RH/RVS not between 1:20 and 20:1.¹


Slack over full soil length

A SLACK space is specified over the whole soil supported pipeline length.


Sub > hor > top not satisfied

A horizontal soil mechanical parameter is not less than the vertical parameter at the top of the pipe or exceeds the vertical parameter at the bottom of the pipe.

(Originally the horizontal (HOR) value was less than the bottom (SUB) value and greater than the TOP value. But since the formulae for calculating the soil mechanical parameters are modified and improved (?) this is no longer (always) true)


Wizard generated data may be out-of-date

Soil model wizard data is based on the geometry of the pipeline defined in DF2 and DF3.1. Once soil data is generated by the wizard and the user changes the geometry (e.g. POLYDIF or G-LEVEL in DF2, or DIAM in DF3.1) this warning will be reported.


Soil data changed after running wizard

When soil model wizard generated data is changed 'manually' (e.g. changes in input table KLS) this warning will be reported.


KLS_max > 100 * KLS_min.

The maximum of the downward vertical soil stiffness (KLS) is more than 100 times the minimum of KLS.

(This warning is only given if the analysis type is “NEN 3650”. In all other cases message M320/2 is given instead.)


Slack ignored at infin node

SLACK space has been specified at INFIN boundary nodes with SLACK values other than 0.


Slcurve ignored at infin node

SLCURVE has been specified at INFIN boundary nodes other than BILIN.

(All conditions at INFIN nodes must be linear, so the linear branche of the BILIN curve is applied at the boundary nodes, any other specified curve could eventually be intended by the designer but not be accepted in the model.)



'title1' in 'title2' set to no soil

A soil parameter has been specified over a pipe section without soil.

(title1 = soil parameter (column name) in soil data output table title2 = soil data output table LATSOIL or AXSOIL.)

Warning The presence of soil is governed by the specification of the RVS, meaning for those parts of the pipeline where the RVS = 0 all other soil parameters will be treated as being zero as well, regardless of any value in the other tables concerned.


KLS_max > 100 * KLS_min.

The maximum of the downward vertical soil stiffness (KLS) is more than 100 times the minimum of KLS.

(This message is given if the analysis type is other than “NEN 3650”. In case of NEN 3650 calculations warning W320/9 is given instead.)


Removed soil innerpipe ('node1'-'node2')

The soil properties from the inner pipe section of a sis pipeline are removed.


ELEM-L/ADV-L 'value', 'number' (number1 - number2)

An element length exceeds the recommended length.¹

(value = maximal occurring element length quotient (>1) number = element number with reported length quotient number1, number2 = start, end of elem. series with quotient >1 The calculation accuracy at the recommended length is 3%. See also Theoretical Manual, chapter 2.3.)


¹ In case of extreme ratios the 'discrete' soil model is applied at the nodes in question (no ellipse, discrete values of KLT and KLS in vertical and KLH in horizontal direction only).

H3204, last changed: 2/5/2021

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