Functional characteristics of the VISUALISATION (X1) module.

3D Graphical representation of the configuration of the pipeline. The results of calculations are projected on the configuration.


Graphical representation of the configuration

When design function 2 is calculated the configuration can be checked using the main toolbar visualisation button. A 3D configuration will be presented. A 'standard' diameter will be used. Once design function 31 is calculated also the actual diameters will be shown.

Graphical representation of the results

From any nodes/elements based output table the values can be visualised on the above described configuration using a colour range from blue (lowest value) to red (highest value).

The configuration can be rotated in any direction, zoomed, panned, printed or exported (if the Communication (E) module is available).
Design parameters like polygon points, bend indicators, ground and water level, elastic elements and so on can be made visible.
Features (e.g. endpoints, Tee pieces, connections, supports, joints, steel in steel, ...) can also be visualised.

ModuleVisualisation, last changed: 11/4/2020

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