Data table panel

A data table panel is added to the Workspace panel for each table selected to show in the Overview panel.

Below is a screen capture of a typical data table panel. For information on its items and icons, please see the list underneath.


Data table features


The table toolbars allow access to all table-specific functions of the program. Depending on the type of table, its state and the availability of program modules not all features might be visible or accessible.

For more information, see the table toolbars-page, the table toggle-page and the table groups-page.

Groups shown

If a data table can show groups but it displays all elements, the symbol NoGroups is shown. If a group is selected, it changes to Groups.


Each data column has two header lines, a green one with the column's name and a yellow one with the data unit (empty if without unit or not a number-based column).

Info The 1st grey column is just a line counter.

Active row

The row in which data entry is possible (if applicable). Also indicated by an ActRow icon in the 1st column.

Table, last changed: 11/4/2020

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