A soil layer is a soil type with specified height. An ordered set of soil layers forms a soil profile. A soil profile does not contain information about project location specific properties (ground level, (ground) water level, pipeline axis, pipeline diameter, etc.). The soil profile, however, does specify whether the uppermost soil layer starts from ground level down or from an absolute z-point (fixed) down.

The same soil profile can be prescribed for multiple locations on the pipeline project. During calculation the location specific properties of the pipeline are taken into account.

If necessary the upper- and/or lowermost soil layer(s) of a profile at a specific location will be extended in order to get a fully specified range from ground level to 1.5 times the diameter below pipeline axis. This range needs to be specified for the calculation methodology used.

Info It is advised to have both the ground level and the pipeline axis within each profile.

Last changed: 7/1/2021