Quality Assessment (QA)

PLE-micro-CAD (PLE3), the predecessor of Ple4Win, is formally approved by Dutch authorities for analysis of pipeline structures to meet code requirements.

Furthermore, in Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway and other countries results of PLE-micro-CAD analysis have been formally accepted as sound engineering analysis.

The system is in use by a great number of engineering companies, and certifying bodies and universities use PLE-micro-CAD as well.

Verification of results is one of the major efforts put into the program development since the beginning of the development of the design method as early as 1965. Where analytical comparative results are missing because of the complexity of the applied mechanics, test results are used as far as possible.

Special tables are added to the output tables to assure that input and output belong to each other. Each table has its occurrence number and in the Status table the proper combination is reported. Furthermore, the status table shows the various options used for the calculations and the version and module configuration of the program the calculations are done with.

Ple4Win is in the pipeline for renewal of the approval.

QualityAssessment, last changed: 11/4/2020

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