This 'Multi Table Template' mode facilitates the users to create a valid empty Excel file that is suitable for the Multi Table Import facility. Each worksheets in this Excel file represents the Ple4Win input tables. Names that are used for the worksheets are the ShortNames of Ple4Win input tables.

There are 2 ways to activate this functionality:

Select from menu File > Export > Template to Excel file...

Generate Excel Button On File


Click on (the arrow next to) the 'Multi Table' Tools.MTable.16x16 button and select Empty Excel 16 'Template to Excel File...'

Multi Table Button On Toolbar Generate

'Multi Table: Template' screen will be opened. This functionality consists of 2 steps: select  the tables and set the worksheets order. Nevertheless, the first step is sufficient to create the template. Default settings will be used for the worksheets order.

Click to expand/collapseStep 1: Select input table(s) to be created
Click to expand/collapseStep 2: Set the tables (sheets) layout

Last changed: 11/4/2020