Functional characteristics of the communication module (E).

At main menu level a communication facility is available to import input table data or to export output table data. Import/Export is performed to Microsoft Excel-files, in an one worksheet per table-format. Units are checked and warnings are issued if necessary. The user specifies the tables to be imported or exported by means of a dedicated specification screen.

The tables to be imported require a specific layout (one table per worksheet, worksheet name must be the table's 'ShortName', two header rows, leftmost column must be a row numbering column). Each worksheet may contain additional columns to the right which are skipped by the communication facility. The Excel-file may contain additional worksheets, which are again skipped by the communication facility.

At input table level, a communication facility is available to import/export table data from/to an Excel file. With data import, the Excel worksheet from which to import and the location of the data on the worksheet can be specified, other data on that sheet is ignored.

At output table level, a communication facility is available to export table data to an Excel file, similar to the facility described above.

With graphical representation of results of calculations (see the Graphics module (G) description), a facility is available to copy the drawing/graph to the Windows clipboard or to export it to a file, either in Windows Metafile format (WMF) or Portable Network Graphics format (PNG).

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