How to Use the Help file

About Help

This Help-file will be called from the Ple4Win program if the user requests help. It can also be used 'stand-alone' by double-clicking on the file 'Ple4Win.chm' (in the program directory).

Info If started stand-alone, this help file might open without the "Tabs" visible. In that case, click the TabShow-icon in the upper left corner or hit the <Alt><O>- and then the <T>-key.

Visual styles

Throughout this help-file, certain functionality is shown or emphasized using specific visual styles:

Function or Table header

Chapter header

Extra information popup

Link to another help page

Info indicates an important note

Warning indicates a warning

Blue outlined callouts link to another part of the help file

Some additional visual styles are used for different listings of objects. As there are listings of tables, errors and columns.

A table object is represented as:

Table Name:

Short table description

Whether this table is required or not.


A Design Function error/warning/message is represented as:

Error Code:

Short error description

Condition for the error to occur.

listing of resulting actions

(Optional additional information.)


A table column is represented as:

Column Name:

Short column description

Condition(s) for valid column values

[Optional default value]

(Optional additional information.)

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