Detailed stresses over the circumference and checks according to ASME B31.8 (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table STRS318 provides a list of detailed stresses over the circumference of the cross-section where calculations have been performed: Hoop, uniaxial and combined (Von Mises) stresses.

Moreover stress checks have been performed according to applicable criteria. The stresses are given in 48 equidistant points over the circumference of the cross-section (each 7.5 degrees) starting at the intersection of the horizontal y-axis of the element coordinate system and the cross-section. The stresses are the result of the summation of stress components resulting from the overall behaviour of the pipeline and the ring behaviour of the cross-section.

The table relates to the data on the last data line of the maximum stress table SMAX318.

Five data may appear in the table heading:

phase number, if applicable

number of element in which stresses have been calculated

loadcase name

line number of tables CSGENB/CSLOAD containing basic data for the stress calculations

indication that ovalisation redistribution has been applied.

H650312, last changed: 2009-01-15

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