Overview list of general cross-sectional data for stress/strain calculations (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table CSGENB provides an overview list of all input data relevant to the cross-sections where stress/strain calculations have been performed. Loading data relevant to stress/strain calculations are provided in output table CSLOAD.

The table acts in an accumulative way if the unlock option is used. Each time Design Function 6.2 is restarted, the basic data are added for the cross-sections specified in table SECTBEL or SECT318 and not contained yet in CSGENB.

However, if Design Function 6.2 is set back, all data in table CSGENB are destroyed and the table gets the EMPTY status.

The loadcase name and the phase number, if applicable, are shown in the table heading.



H640502, last changed: 2009-01-14

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