Overview list of general cross-sectional data for stress/strain calculations (Output Table)

Data description/Result options:


Number of element where stress/strain calculations are to be performed at the mid cross-section


Specified radius of bend at element

(Blank if element is a straight pipe element)
(In case of a mitre bend this radius is the equivalent bend radius on which the calculations are based.)


Specified outer diameter of pipe at element


Specified wall thickness of pipe at element


Specified horizontal soil support ratio at element ¹


Calculated soil support angle at element due to load SOILNB and/or TOPLOAD ¹


Specified allowable stress in element

(Undefined if not specified in table SECTION. Undefined too, if specified in table SECTION, in case of NEN3650 stress calculations.)


Info The number of rows is the number of specified cross-sections (accumulated).

¹ :Undefined if there is no soil



H620501, last changed: 2009-07-20

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