List of detailed radial deformations of pipe wall over the circumference of the cross-section (Output Table)

Data description/Result options:


Location at circumference where calculations have been performed

(Measured in positive sense around x-axis from y-axis)


Radial deformation of pipe wall due to lateral soil reactions


Radial deformation of pipe wall due to ovalisation of bend caused by bending moment

(Undefined if ELEM is not a bend element, unless the Material Model option is set to Non-Linear.)


Change of diameter (in %) due loads on cross-section

(The outer diameter is used.)


Total radial deformation of pipe wall due to all loads on cross-section

(W-TOTAL is the sum of W-GROUND and W-BEND)


Elastic impression of the soil at 50 % of 'horizontal' bearing capacity ¹

(RG is 50 % of RH or (RVS+RVT)/2 whichever has the lowest value, KLG is KLH or (KLS+KLT)/2 whichever has the lowest value.)


'horizontal' bedding constant (soil stiffness) ¹

(KLG = KLH or (KLS+KLT)/2 as long as W-TOTAL is less than or equal to RG/KLG. If W-TOTAL > RG/KLG, KLG decreases. KLG is a bilinear soil spring.)


Detailed axial buckling strain as a percentage of the critical one


Detailed percentage of critical strain due to external pressure


¹ : These quantities are reported only if the Soil Ring-Stiffening Option is Applied. The bilinear soil spring KLG is attached to  those points of the cross-section which move to the outside due to the ovalisation. The average soil parameters are taken, so without uncertainty factors. The maximum soil resistance (RG) taken into account is 50 % of the lowest bearing capacity. If RVT = 0, no horizontal soil support springs will be applied.

H620491, last changed: 2009-07-20

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