List of elements with primary membrane stresses (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table PRIMSEL provides an overview list of all pipeline elements below and above ground level to be characterised as primary membrane stress elements according to the Dutch code NEN 3650.

Primary membrane stresses are caused by primary (force-induced) loads and will be reported if only force-induced loads have been specified and a free span exists above ground or a span develops for a buried pipeline due to soil settlements at (pile) supports.

Primary membrane stresses are considered to be more serious than other stresses because they are not self-limiting like deformation-induced stresses due to temperature differences or elastic bends for instance.

The criterion for the allowable stress level for primary membrane stresses is more severe than for the other stress components.

The loadcase name and the current value of the general load factor, as well as the phase number, if applicable, are shown in the table heading.



H610572, last changed: 2009-01-08

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