Overview of additional forces, reactions and displacements due to top(soil)load in excess of downward soil reaction (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table ADDCROS provides an overview list of possible additional loadings, bending moments, soil reactions, displacements and possibly resulting total gaps below the pipeline caused by the fact that a gap occurs anywhere between pipeline and soil below the pipeline and the top soil load SOILNB or SOILNB+TOPLOAD at the gap multiplied by the uncertainty and load factors exceeds the downward soil reaction from output table SOILREA at the same location.

If above conditions are not met, output table ADDCROS will remain empty.

Info Only if the design function's 1 model option 'Loading Redistribution' is set to 'Apply' the description above applies. When this option is set to 'Ignore' ADDCROS will never be generated, even if the conditions are met, in which case the table will get the 'Locked Empty (User)' status.

The difference between the top soil load SOILNB or SOILNB+TOPLOAD and the downward soil reaction from output table SOILREA at the gap is placed on the pipeline as an additional loading. The additional loadings, moments, reactions and displacements are given here without multiplication by the general load factor GLOADFAC from table LOCASE in line with the reporting of top(soil)loads in table CROSDAT. For the gaps all factors are included.

The additional bending moments and soil reactions multiplied by the general load factor are added vectorial to the moments and reactions found in Design Function 5 and the sum is reported in output table CSLOAD.

The loadcase name and the current value of the general load factor, as well as the phase number, if applicable, are shown in the table heading.

H610542, last changed: 11/4/2020

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