Overview of cross-sectional deformation redistribution due to local soil loads including extra topload (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table T-REDIS is available only if input table TOPLOAD is present and the Ovalisation Redistribution option at function 1 has been set to Allowed before the function is processed. This can only be done if the R-module is available.

The table shows the influence of the 'shell'-behaviour of the pipeline under local soil loads and the topload. The radial deformation of the cross-section is constituted from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonic. Higher harmonics are neglected when redistributing.

Each harmonic has its own characteristic wave length in axial direction, the higher the harmonic the shorter the wave length. The characteristic wave length further depends only on the cross-sectional geometry parameters D, t, the bend radius R, the material constants E, Nu and the internal pressure P.

For the T-REDIS table the direct loadings and the extra TOPLOAD loadings are taken into account as well as the influence from table LAMBDA and/or SOILSUP on the horizontal soil loadings.



H610532, last changed: 2009-07-17

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