List of bend stiffness reduction and stress intensification factors (Output Table)

Table description:

The output data table BENDFAC is an information table on the stiffness reduction factors that have been calculated in the bends and have been used in the composition of the pipe stiffness matrix.

The table also provides information on the stress intensification factors that will be used in the stress calculations. The values given are the maximum values that can occur in the elements. The really applied factors in the stress calculations depend on the angle of the bending moment vector with the bend plane.

In order to give an overview of all relevant data for the calculation of the factors, bend radius, pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness and internal overpressure over a bend region are collected.

The factors are applied over a number of pipe elements, together forming a bend. Such a bend region is defined by the first element of the region (FROM) and the last element of the region (TO).

Loadcase name and phase number, if applicable, are shown in the table heading.

If there are no bends, table BENDFAC will not be produced.

In case of a mitre bend, the RADIUS is the equivalent bend radius on which the calculations are based. In table SHAPEP the geometrical radius is reported. Furthermore also the length L1 and the factor R/r are reported.



H500572, last changed: 11/4/2020

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