List of calculated overall soil reaction forces on pipeline based on elements list (Output Table)

Data description/Result options:


Number of element (n)

(all forces acting on mid-section of element in the LOCAL element coordinate system)


Soil friction reaction acting on element (n)

(Positive in case friction force is acting in positive x-direction)


Lateral soil reaction acting on element (n)

(Force vector acts in LOCAL y-z plane.)


Angle of lateral soil reaction force vector

(Measured in positive sense around x-axis from horizontal y-axis)


Soil reaction twisting moment acting on element (n)

(Measured in positive sense around x-axis)


Axial soil friction reaction / specified maximum soil friction relation at element (n)


Lateral soil reaction / specified maximum lateral soil reaction relation at element (n)

(RP is calculated from the ellipse determined by RH, RVT, RVS and PHI-LAT.)


Downward component of lateral soil reaction / specified maximum top soil reaction - relation at element (n)

(The above quantities are expressed in percentages. They provide information on the extent that the extreme soil reactions are reached and soil rupture occurs.)


Info The number of rows is the number of elements.



H500551, last changed: 2007-07-30

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