List of calculated pipeline overall displacements, based on nodes-list (Output Table)

Table description:

The output table DISPLAC provides the calculated displacements of the pipeline at the pipe nodes.

The displacements U-X, U-Y and U-Z are the linear displacements of the pipe nodes, PHI-X, PHI-Y and PHI-Z are the rotations of the pipe nodes. U-X,Y,Z and PHI-X,Y,Z are defined in the overall GLOBAL coordinate system.

The displacements U-AX, U-LAT and rotations PHI-AX and PHI-LAT are defined in the LOCAL node coordinate system. (For a description of the local nodal coordinate system see Coordinate systems.)

Displacements and rotations are given in both coordinate systems in order to facilitate interpretation, which may be different for various designs.

Loadcase name, analysis type, iteration and phase number, if applicable, are shown in the table heading. If there is no soil and the geometry calculations are linear, the iteration number is zero.



H500532, last changed: 11/4/2020

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