Specification of temperature difference along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table TEMP the temperature along the pipeline axis is provided to the loading model.

As the influence of temperature on the behaviour of the pipeline is a result of a temperature at the construction phase and at the operational phase under consideration, two temperature lines along the pipeline axis are to be specified.

The temperature at the construction phase is the reference temperature T-REF The temperature at the operational phase under consideration is the 'absolute' temperature T-ABS. The temperature difference, which causes the pipeline to be stressed and deformed is calculated T-DIF = T-ABS - T-REF. T-DIF is positive in case of a temperature increase. The pipeline is supposed to be without temperature stresses or deformations at the reference temperature.

The yield stress corresponding to T-REF is Re from table ISTROP and the yield stress corresponding to T-ABS is ReT from table ISTROP. This is specially of importance in case of NEN 3650-2 calculations.

Both temperature parameters are provided as polygon data lines attached to the pipeline axis by means of data reference points. The value of a temperature parameter is calculated at each pipeline node by relating the location of the node to the developed length of the pipeline axis and interpolating the parameter value between the parameter values at adjacent data reference points.

H420122, last changed: 2008-07-22

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