Specification of medium and coating weights along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Table description:

Through the input data table COATING the weight of the content and possible external or internal coatings (with their thicknesses) can be specified. When no other deadweight is provided these data can be used to calculate the deadweight (see Deadweight calculation).

The deadweight is provided as a polygon data line attached to the pipeline axis by means of data reference points. The value of the deadweight parameter is calculated at each pipeline node by relating the location of the node to the developed length of the pipeline axis and interpolating the parameter value between parameter values at adjacent data reference points.

Deadweight is interpreted as gravity forces acting in the negative Z-direction. In case the pipeline is submerged the buoyant forces may be taken into account as gravity forces acting in the positive Z-direction and shall be subtracted from the air weight possibly resulting in negative deadweight.

If table W-LEVEL exists , the program determines which part(s) of the pipeline is (are) under water and calculates the buoyancy, provided that the weight of the water is known in W-LEVEL.

Deadweight at a specified half infinite long pipeline end condition is interpreted in such a way, that such end points are loaded by a load system causing a displacement at the end node equal to the case in which no pipeline was connected. This displacement does not cause stressing of the connected pipeline.

Info Only when table DEADW remains empty the deadweight may be calculated by the program (see Deadweight calculation).


H310192, last changed: 11/4/2020

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