Specification of medium and coating weights along pipeline axis (Input Table)

Data description/conditions:

Start Identifier 1 2 3 4: (toggleable)

Identification name of data reference point


End Identifier 1 2 3 4: (toggleable)

Identification name of data reference point

Optional / After 'Start Identifier'

(When left empty, the last node will be taken into account)


Name of the medium or coating


(The name will be reported in the output table CLAYERS. Because nor the thickness nor the weight are reported it is advised to enter a name.)


Name of the medium or coating

Required / Prescribed names: Medium / Internal / External

(Medium is what flows through the pipeline,
Internal refers to internal coating(s),
External refers to external coating(s))


Thickness of the coating

Required / > 0. / Should be left empty for the medium

(When a thickness for the medium is provided is is not taken into account.)


Weight of the medium or coating

Optional / > 0.


1Toggle data in subsequent rows do not have to contain increasing values.

2The parameters specified at the 'Start Identifier' are applicable up to the 'End Identifier'. When 'End Identifier' is left empty the last element will be taken into account,

3so there will be no interpolation of the thickness or weight over the elements to the next reference point.

4Elements outside any specified region will not get any coating thickness and weight.

H310191, last changed: 3/19/2021

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